Monday, January 2, 2012

Lots of Progress on Drywall

    I think I left off last time after our pre-drywall meeting with our inspection report to follow. Our outside inspector found about 7 very small things that needed to be addressed or fixed, which we forwarded on to our PM. Our inspector was actually surprised in a lot of instances that Ryan went beyond what was the base requirement. He basically said that we had a very good project manager who seemed to be going behind the workers and double checking. This makes me feel very relieved, but after meeting with our PM during the pre-drywall, I feel like he is VERY trustworthy, so I'm not too surprised. 
    We FINALLY made it by our house today, which was very exciting since it has been over a week due to us being out of town. Looks like they have made a lot of progress, and they were working hard on our siding when we went by today. We tried to stay out of their way, but my husband isn't very good at that :) It looks like Guardian, or someone, carved a pretty crooked hole in the wall for one of our speakers. (Hoping this will get fixed). And the hole in the "utility" closet under the stairs still needs to be fixed. It isn't stable, or well carved at all. It looks like if we put anything in it, then the whole wall is going to fall through. This was one of the things our inspector pointed out, so I'm sure it will be fixed. Anyway, we are very happy with the progress....


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  1. wow, everything is moving along quickly! It looks great.