Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ready to go back

    It's been a week since we have been in Charlotte, and I am so ready to get back and see the progress. As soon as the husband flies in from California on Friday, we are heading straight there. After finals are finished, I'll finally be up there with him for good. Can't wait :) Will post some pictures when we get up there this weekend.
   After reading all these blogs and looking at all the different color combinations, I really began to doubt my original choice of Luna Pearl Granite. The Santa Cecilia looks so good with the espresso cabinets that I have seen. So I sent my SR an email asking if we could change, but she said it was too late :(
    (Trying not to be one of those people, but)....Now, I'm beginning to think we should get the dark distressed hardwood expanded from the foyer to the living room and dining room. We had originally planned for upgraded padding and carpet, but with the dogs, it just doesn't make sense. We sent our SR an email asking if we can change, and we are waiting for a response. I really don't see why we couldn't as I don't think they have even broken ground yet, and we just had our preconstruction meeting last week. I guess if they can't change the granite, they will probably tell us the same here, but I think I'm going to have to put up a fight on this one. I really want those hardwoods put in, and since it is so early in the process, I really hope they don't give us a problem. I know others have been able to make changes even later in the process, so I'll be upset if they say no. That's the only thing we really want changed, and I really had no problem being turned down on the granite. Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow with good news!


  1. That's a bummer that you can't change the granite. Considering they just now cut ours this week (we are 3 weeks out from closing), you would think that you could still change your selection. If you really want it, press them about it. It shouldn't be a big deal.

    Flooring has most likely already been ordered so changing it now may be a bit difficult. Ours was ordered 2 days after we chose it. We also picked the dark distressed hardwood and extended it into the dining room. I just couldn't fathom white carpet under my dining room table. That's an accident waiting to happen, lol. Anyway, it's always worth asking if you change your mind. Maybe it won't be a big deal to extend the hardwoods. I hope you get what you want. :)

  2. Our SR is out of the office until Saturday, but we spoke to another one that said if we were past the 10 day change period we couldn't change. I was thinking there was some fee if we wanted to change though. I really hope there is something we can do!