Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finally got back to Charlotte

  I am so excited that we are going to be able to extend the hardwood into the dining room. Our Sales Rep was out of the office all week, so we took things into our own hands. We called rite-rug to see if the flooring had already been ordered, and it hadn't. They told us that on their end there was no problem with changing it. So we had our answer there. Next, we called our mortgage person at NVR to make sure we could change the loan amount to reflect the new hardwood expansion. No problem there either. Now it was up to our sales rep...we got the email this morning that she was fine with the change. Thank goodness!
   We went by the lot last night because I just wanted to look at it. It was too dark to really see much, so we came back this morning. Our neighbor's little boys were playing in the lot, and ran inside to tell their parents that "the new neighbors (were) here." We were so excited to meet our neighbors, and I think the feeling was mutual. It's such a relief when you realize that you will actually like your neighbors (they have a dog too so we had a little meet and greet with their dog and Lexi and Charlotte). 

  Not too much has happened in regards to the actual house, but it is only the second week of building. I could actually see our brick, which was pretty exciting. Part of the foundation has been started, but the cement hasn't been poured yet.  It was nice to be able to see the house outline, and how our yard looks in comparison. It's bigger than we originally thought, which is going to be good for the dogs when they feel like running outside. Our pre-drywall meeting is December 19th, so a lot should be happening in the next few weeks. We meet with our third-party inspector and the fence person at the house the Saturday before. So ready for February!


  1. It's looking great! I love the brick. It's going to be beautiful!!

  2. congrats on the hardwood into the Dining room. That was one of my wife's wants and she won even if I gave her some grief for it! haha.