Friday, December 16, 2011

Framing Finished

   So our new PM has kept his word, and he called us bright and early this morning (my husband got in from the airport at 1 AM)  to tell us that framing was finished and they would be starting "trade materials" next week. Forgive me if I am not overly excited, as we were originally planning for our pre-drywall on Monday. We got a call from Guardian earlier in the week, and we will meet with them next week while all of the wiring is going on to show where we want everything.
     We did make it out to the house today and took lots of pictures. The dogs seem to love the new house more and more every time (I'm not sure if it's because they love Bailey, the neighbor's dog, or the house though).


  1. It looks great. It will move fast from here. Funny enough, our new neighbors have a dog named
    Bailey as well.
    If you plan to hang your tv's on the wall, now is the time to get chunks of 2x8(or 10 or 12) screwed between the studs for easy mounting.

  2. This is so exciting!! I can't wait to come see the finished project!!

  3. Thanks, Goob, we can't wait for you to come!

    Sgt. Rich- Seems Bailey is a popular name for dogs!
    My husband is odd and doesn't like the way the TVs on the wall look (weird I know, as a 55 inch flat screen looks funny on a stand to me)...but I will ask about that for the bedroom because I want ours to hang in there, thanks!