Monday, December 12, 2011

Pre-drywall pushed back

For a company who strives for a perfect 10 review, we sure aren't anywhere near giving one. When we went to our pre-construction meeting, we were informed by our PM that we would hear from him all the time with updates with where we were in the process, etc. haven't heard a peep. We know how far along we are by stalking the lot when we are in town and taking pictures. Our pre-drywall meeting was scheduled for December 19th, so this weekend we dropped by the model to ask our Sales Rep about our inspector and fence guy coming the 17th. She said we should have gotten a confirmation about the 19th by now, which of course we haven't. So after she sent two emails to the PM over the weekend, my husband got a voicemail during his flight to California this morning. Surprise,'s been pushed back to December 27th. I don't mind it being pushed back, (although we haven't had any bad weather so I don't know why it has been), but I do mind not being informed until we called looking for answers. Now, we have to reschedule our whole holiday vacation plans. Like I said, for a company wanting a 10, they have a lot of work to do.


  1. That's very unprofessional. You shouldn't have to track him down through the SR. Hopefully, after this, he will be better at communicating with you!

  2. That stinks gal! I agree, that was unprofessional. Our PM is always on top of everything. If I need to ask him anything, I can easily get an answer within the same day. Hopefully, he will improve after the holidays.

  3. I hear many talking about PM's that give weekly updates, I do not have one of those. BUT, my PM responds to all my emails and texts. I believe he doesn't send me updates because he knows I am out there checking the house daily and I email/text a few times a week with questions. That being said, there should be proper communication on dates. If you are unhappy, voice your opinion directly to them and give them the opportunity to correct and succeed.
    Good Luck