Thursday, December 8, 2011

slowly moving along

  Brian drove by the house today on his way home from work, and it looks like the concrete is in the middle of getting poured. When he got there, there were two workers present, and he tried to ask them some questions. Unfortunately, they didn't speak the best English, but they said so far the garage and porch concrete has been poured, and the rest will be poured tomorrow. I will try to get out there and take some pictures (not very exciting right now) tomorrow, and maybe swing by the model home to take pictures of our granite and cabinet color. My semester is finally over, so I am up here for good now (yay!)...but that also means I'm already ready to get the heck out of this apartment.
  We've been getting calls from the moving company about when we will need them to move our stuff from storage, so we tried to get a firmer closing date from Ryan. Unfortunately, until pre-drywall they couldn't do much better than 60-90 days because of the weather. We'll know for sure after our pre-drywall meeting on December 19th, and we are crossing our fingers for good weather until then. We're still hoping for early February, and the sales rep said they were on schedule as of now. Let's hope it stays that way :) 

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  1. You are moving right along! Your house will be done before you know it. ;)