Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New PM?

   So my husband got a call back from the "new" project manager. Evidently, our original project manager has switched to another department, and we were assigned a new one the week after Thanksgiving. Doesn't that seem like something they should call and tell you? Yeah, we think so too. The new project manager has promised to call us with weekly updates about the house, so we'll see how that goes. 
   I swung by this evening and took some pictures. They aren't the best because it was getting dark and my dogs were going nuts in the car. We will go back when my husband gets back in town and take better pictures. On a good note, it looks like progress is being made! 

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  1. Same thing happened to us with the Sales Rep. I found out through facebook chatting with my sale rep that she got "laid off". The new rep called this weekend to explain that she was our new SR due to the last one being "no longer with the company".
    Sounds like a new PM could be a great thing for you since the last one didn't have you his priority.