Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WRONG Brick.

  So we went out to the house this morning to meet with Guardian to go over where we wanted everything. It's been pouring down rain, and we also had our second fence estimate today (yuck). Good news is the guy today said he'd go cheaper than the original estimate.
   Anyway, we got a phone call last night from our Sales Rep saying she wanted to do a walk-through with us while we were out there this morning. We assumed this was normal, as things are progressing pretty quickly. Well, we pulled up to the house and saw that the whole front brick had been put on. Unfortunately, it didn't look like what I expected, but I assumed that was because I just didn't like our choice. Moving along back to the Guardian appointment, our sales rep walked in with our new project manager, and they were quietly talking in the corner. After we finished with Guardian, our SR came up and asked us how we liked the brick. I immediately said I didn't like it at all, and wasn't happy with our decision, but that Brian liked it so oh well. I could tell she was uncomfortable the whole time I was talking. Then I found out why! Turns out my intuition was correct, and they put the wrong brick on our house! We just stood there with our mouths open while she told us,  and I got angrier and angrier. I tend to get angry very quickly and often speak my mind when I shouldn't, but this is one of those times I am glad that I am not shy. 
   The very first time we started looking at the house and picking colors, we liked South Hampton (which is the brick we are stuck with now), but we quickly changed our minds and went with Grand Caramel when we made our final decisions. It seems that Grand Caramel never made it to our Project Manager, so South Hampton was delivered and put on. I could tell the whole time our SR was trying to gauge our reactions, and I know my face said exactly how I was feeling. Our PM also informed us that even if we changed the brick, the brick along the foundation couldn't change (meaning we'd have a horribly tacky house with South Hampton along the bottom and Grand Caramel around the top and front). Immediately, I asked what we could do about this and my husband mentioned them having to start over. I asked what we could get in return for this, and our SR asked what we thought was fair. To be honest, what's fair to me is not paying for the wrong brick, but I suggested Ryan putting hardwood in our family room (which comes out to around $5000) because we had decided to only do the dining room and foyer with ceramic in kitchen and morning room. Although our SR couldn't give us immediate approval, she saw no problem with that, so we are waiting for the final approval from Ryan Homes. If they don't agree, then I consider this a breach of contract and will reconsider my options. Fortunately, I don't hate the brick THAT much and as it was our original choice, I will learn to deal with it. We will see what happens from here. Merry Christmas to us :(


  1. That's awful! I'm so sorry this happened :( I hope you are able to come to an agreement that you are happy with because you shouldn't have to deal with the wrong brick.

  2. Oh crap. I would be so pissed! I gotta admit though, I LOVE your brick. It is beautiful. If you really want the other, I would make them make it right. They could paint the foundation to cover the other brick and then redo the front. If you can live with their mistake, I would egg it for all it's worth (in other words, get as much out of this mistake as you can). You can make demands for this because they know it is wrong. The floors was a great trade-off but you could throw in little things too like extra lights, outlets and hardware. ;)